Our Payrolling solutions alleviate the administrative strain of employing contingent workers for your organization. We allow you and your contingent workforce to stay focused on your business by freeing up resources and eliminating the administrative burdens associated with being the employer of record.


Paperless Onboarding

Our web-based onboarding portal streamlines onboarding with electronic documents and e-signatures. Our portal hosts release forms, NDAs and other required employment material. Once a hiring manager completes the electronic onboarding form, new workers are contacted via phone and a follow-up email within one hour. The onboarding process can be completed within 20 minutes, allowing you to immediately onboard workers from their very first day.


Online Timekeeping

Our online timekeeping portal grants workers access to enter and submit timecards to their managers for approval. Features include timestamp authentication, time allocation towards varying PO’s, approvers, departments and cost centers. As an approver you can review, edit or reject timecards in just a few clicks. We can also customize your work week, timesheet format, punch in/out or free form entry.

one hr response time

Customer Service

To provide the highest level of service, customers and workers receive a dedicated representative as a single point of contact. By building rapport and understanding with our customers, we are able to provide consistent, precise and targeted support with response times typically under one hour. Calling our main phone line during business hours guarantees that you will reach a live representative.


Worker Benefits

All payrolled workers are eligible to enroll in a variety of ACA compliant benefits during their assignment. Some of the benefits we provide include:

  • Direct deposit with pay card option
  • ACA compliant health, vision & dental insurance
  • 401(k) retirement plan
  • Short term disability insurance
  • Paid family leave
  • Medical & financial advisors
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Real-Time Reporting

Our real-time reporting provides insight and transparency into your contingent workforce. Track worker status by department or PO number with a detailed roster of active and inactive workers. Reporting can be customized by stakeholder or department to reflect hours worked, start & end dates, billing & payroll, pay-rates, PO utilization or headcount.

custom invoices

Customizable Invoicing

Receive consolidated invoices in a format that suits your specific needs with our electronic invoicing. You have the ability to sort by worker, job code, department or a variety of other tracked variables. Our customizable invoices can be integrated with a number of accounting, HRIS or ATS systems.