Return to Work Series: Leading & Engaging Your Team Through Return to Work

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Do you have the leadership insight needed to lead, develop, and execute a return to work program?

Are you wondering how to best re-engage employees as they transition into the new world of work? Our eBook outlines 5 steps leaders should consider when leading and engaging employees through these uncertain times.

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This eBook will walk you through 5 important steps that will allow leaders to surface issues and involve employees through the early stages of returning to the workplace.   
  1. Identify and agree upon anticipated issues that leaders must address during this transition period
  2. Research and communicate best practices to minimize risks and address issues identified
  3. Define the “critical path” to direct and coach employees through return-to-work stages
  4. Provide skills for managers to lead change and manage the emotional issues of transition
  5. Create new goals, roles, and accountabilities required to execute during times of uncertainty



We continue to ask ourselves these five key questions, and have begun crafting steps that we think are important as employees transition back together. We are here to help guide you and your organization through this time.

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