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Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From your Previous Managers

Eastridge Blog posted by Cynthia Contreras on

Most people don't start out as managers. If you are in this coveted position now, you likely worked your way up the corporate ladder to move into your new role. Since you are in charge of managing a team, you have a great opportunity: You can learn from the mistakes of all those who came before you.

The best managers will learn from their own worst bosses to make sure they don't do the kinds of things that drive staff crazy, kill employee motivation and cause high turnover. Some of the key lessons you can learn from your bad bosses include:

  • The importance of ensuring your criticism is fair: You've likely had experiences in the past where you felt singled out or your boss was complaining about something that was beyond your control. You know how frustrating it is to be criticized for something you don't believe you did wrong, so don't make this mistake with your own staff. If you have suggestions for improvement, be specific about what the issue is and why you want a change to be made so staff can understand exactly where you are coming from.
  • The importance of using the right tone when talking to staff members: Have you ever had a boss who spoke to you in a condescending or scolding tone? You probably remember how defensive that tone made you feel. Learn from the mistake and watch the way you speak to your employees so you don't come across as patronizing even when offering constructive criticism or giving assignments.
  • The importance of not letting your bad attitude ruin an employee's day: Everyone has bad days, including managers. If you're in a bad mood, don't take it out on your staff and turn your bad day into their problem. Instead, check your own negative emotions at the door and focus on what your staff needs from you to be productive.

Good managers also need good staff members to work under them who will thrive when managed properly. Eastridge Workforce Solutions can help you find new hires you can easily manage because of their talent and willingness to learn. Contact our staffing service today to learn more about how we can help you build a strong team you can motivate to help your company excel.


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