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Use Professional Organizations to Find Candidates

Eastridge Blog posted by Molly Delattre on

Use Professional Organizations to Find Candidates

When your company is hiring, knowing where to find the talent you need can be an overwhelming process. But what if it were as easy as looking around your own backyard? By tapping into your company’s local, professional organizations, you have the potential to reap these benefits:

  • You can recruit skilled professionals who are not actively looking for work.

    Many of the best and the brightest in each field have their pick of jobs. With that in mind, the most talented industry professionals may not be applying for new positions and won’t respond to conventional job ads. That’s where professional organizations become a help resource. You have the opportunity to meet these skilled individuals, and if appropriate, see what it would take to get them to bring their knowledge and abilities to your organization.

  • You can find talented professionals who have specialized skills and expertise.

    Hiring for specialized work can be difficult, kind of like finding a needle in a haystack. This is where specific professional organizations can be of use, offering a pool of talent from a particular industry. In fact, those who join professional organizations usually have advanced skills because they care enough to be a part of an organization and continue their professional development.

  • You can get recommendations as to who the top talent is in your area.

    Those who run professional organizations get to know the members of their groups. They can work with your company and provide guidance on which job seeker has the greatest potential to make a positive impact on your company. Organizational leaders are a tremendous resource, as they can match members up with organizations where the particular member's skills would be a good fit.

Professional organizations are one important asset for your hiring process, but there is no substitute for working with a professional staffing service. Eastridge Workforce Solutions has helped many companies find qualified candidates so they can build a great staff. Contact us today to find out more about the ways our staffing service can help your business with all of its hiring needs.


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