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Stop Using these Red Flag Words in Your Interviews

Eastridge Blog posted by Cynthia Contreras on

stop using these red flag words in your interviews

Your interview is the best chance you have to make an awesome impression and convince a potential employer you would be a great addition to the team. The last thing you want to do at an interview is to commit a faux pas that prevents you from being hired.

Unfortunately, there are some common words and phrases that people use during interviews which can send up warning bells to employers and make a company much less likely to bring you on board. Some of the red flag words you need to stop using during your interviews include:

  • Salary or pay: You should not bring up salary during the early part of the interview process. You want to sell yourself before you have a discussion on benefits or pay. You also don’t want to come across as thinking only about what the job can do for you. Save the salary discussion until late in the process when you already have an offer or are very close to getting one.
  • Scared or nervous: While you may be very nervous about the whole interview process, you do not want to convey this to a potential employer. An employer wants you to be confident and to come across as certain you can do the job right. If you admit you’re scared or nervous, you’re undermining your efforts to show you’re competent, confident and capable of excelling.
  • Hate: Don’t say you hate your previous job, or you hate any of the tasks you’ve had to do at your work. You want to come across as positive, and complaining by using the word hate — or any similar negative words like terrible or horrible — is going to make an employer wary of whether you may be a complainer and a difficult person to work with.

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