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Spring has Sprung: What Industries are Experiencing Job Growth This Year

Eastridge Blog posted by Molly Delattre on

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is a great time for companies to hire and for job seekers to find work. Consumer confidence is up, unemployment rates are down, and job growth has been good, making this season a time for optimism.  This is especially true for people who are working in industries that are expected to see substantial growth in 2017 and beyond.

There is increased demand in many different sectors of the economy, but some of the industries most likely to experience major job growth in 2017 include:

  • Healthcare

    As baby boomers age, demand for qualified candidates in the healthcare sector is increasingly exponentially. Huffington Post indicates healthcare is one of the top growing economic sectors in 2017. Growth in the healthcare field is increasing demand for qualified workers.

    Business News Daily lists many healthcare jobs among its list of industries expected to experience at least 15% growth in employment over the next few years. These include home healthcare services; jobs at retirement communities; jobs at psychiatric abuse facilities; ambulance services and more.

  • Construction

    For Construction Pros indicates that 2017 is expected to continue trends over the past several years towards increased hiring in the field of construction. There is expected to be a substantial increase in demand for commercial construction workers to complete office spaces, warehouses, schools and other commercial properties.

    Construction of single family homes and multi-family homes is also picking up pace as real estate markets continue to improve throughout the country. Those with construction skills can benefit as housing prices rise and demand for housing increases, both due to new construction and an increased number of remodels.

  • Information Technology

    According to Computer World, demand for IT jobs is going to continue to expand dramatically through 2020. Over the next several years, there is expected to be about 22 percent growth in IT jobs throughout the United States.

    Some tech professionals will benefit more from rising demand than others. The job with the biggest growth potential is software development, while there will also be a lot of new jobs created for database administrators, IT managers and more.

Eastridge Workforce Solutions can provide help to job-seekers across a wide variety of industries, including those looking for healthcare jobs, construction work, technology and IT work, and more. Our skilled staffing service also helps companies across a variety of sectors to find staff members who are ready to help their companies to grow and thrive.

To find out more about how our staffing professionals can help companies and candidates to take advantage of improved economic conditions to build greater success in 2017, give us a call today.


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