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6 Basic Job Search Tips

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In today’s competitive labor market, knowing the right methods of finding a job is as important as being qualified for the job. Boost your chances of finding a rewarding position by following these 6 basic job search tips:

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6 Basic Job Search Tips:

  1. Treat the Job Search like a Job

    • Invest enough time and effort into your job search as if it were a real job. Researching and finding an ideal position will take some time to find, so be sure to dedicate time each day for this process.
    • You should dedicate 2-3 hours per day to job searching if you are currently employed, and 8 hours per day if you are currently unemployed.

  2. Narrow your Focus

    • Review your previous work experience and determine what you are looking for in your next position. It is important to find jobs that match your skill set, align with your professional interests, and follow your career path.

  3. Use Different Search Strategies

    • Explore the different options that exist to help with your job search process. Job boards like Indeed and social media channels, like LinkedIn, are sources that you see often utilized.
    • It is equally important to take full advantage of services provided by companies like Eastridge Workforce Solutions, that exists to help employers and job seekers alike by finding the right people for the right positions.

  4. Rework your Resume

    • Tailor your resume to align your skill set with the qualifications listed in the job description. Be sure to quantify your achievements to demonstrate the value that you can offer the prospective employer.

  5. Do your Research

    • Gather common interview questions and prepare your answers. (Be sure not to over-rehearse!) Do research on body language and public speaking to learn general tips of how to best present yourself in an interview setting.
    • As important as it is to find the right job, it is equally important to find the right company to work for. Visit the company website and read reviews on Glassdoor to get an inside scoop on the company culture.

  6. Expand your Network

    • Reach out to family members, friends, colleagues, and former co-workers to see if they have any job leads that can help you with your job search. You can network and connect over phone, email, Skype, or, most commonly, through professional networking sites like LinkedIn.

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