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Is Your Company Culture Attracting Candidates?

Eastridge Blog posted by Molly Delattre on

Is Your Company Culture Attracting Candidates

Human resources can give your company a major competitive advantage, but only if you can bring top talent to your organization. The most skilled and experienced professionals will often have their choice of where to work, and they want jobs they will enjoy.

Company culture plays an important role in whether a candidate likes his work life or not. The most in-demand professionals across every industry look to find work with organizations that promote a positive environment for staff.

You can reduce turnover and attract top talent if your business has a culture that supports a happy work environment. You can develop the type of culture that will encourage success by:

Fostering respect from the top down.

Every employee wants to feel their role is appreciated and their skills are respected. A culture of respect needs to start with the CEO. Executives can set an example by actively creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for their employees. Genuine efforts will encourage all levels of the corporate hierarchy to practice the same level of respect.

Making sure all employees can contribute.

Employees should be able to have their voices heard. Providing company-wide forums for employee feedback should be encouraged. Not only does this create a positive corporate culture, it can also foster innovation as you take advantage of the creativity of every single person on your staff.

Recognizing employee efforts.

People want to work for a company where their hard work will be recognized. Managers should look for ways to provide specific praise that recognizes the unique contributions each employee makes. When workers feel valued, they will continue to contribute to creating a positive corporate culture.

A big part of your company culture comes from the people you hire. Eastridge Workforce Solutions provides assistance to businesses in finding skilled workers who are going to build strong companies that talented professionals want to work for. To find out more about how our staffing service will help your organization to build a solid workforce, give us a call today.


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