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How Your Company Can Leave a Lasting Impression

Eastridge Blog posted by Cynthia Contreras on

When your company is trying to recruit top talent, you have lots of competition -- especially as jobless rates are hitting lows that haven't been seen since 2007. Your company wants to make sure you aren't losing skilled potential staff members to competitors, so you need to make clear your business is making the right impression when dealing with job seekers.

You want to ensure you leave a lasting impression with candidates during the job search so they'll be excited about coming to work for your organization. Some of the key things that you should consider doing include:

  • Create a warm and welcoming environment. You want the person being interviewed to feel comfortable sharing their past work experience and letting their true self shine through. Be polite to the candidate from moment one, make casual small talk and don't create an intimidating environment where candidates will feel intense pressure to perform.
  • Give the candidate a chance to shine. Ask the candidate questions that will allow them to talk about subjects that excite them. Listen carefully, and while you want to direct the conversation to find out if the candidate has key skills, give the candidate a little leeway in sharing their ideas and perspective. You never know what you'll discover about how a candidate could be an asset to your team.
  • Ask creative interview questions. Go beyond the standard interview questions that everyone hates so the job-seeker gets a chance to think on their feet and do something different. If you ask engaging, thought-provoking questions, the interview experience is likely to be more fun, interesting and memorable.
  • Expose interviewees to your company culture. Let interviewees you are serious about meet others on your staff and show them how the workday unfolds so they can picture themselves working for your organization and understand how they fit in.
  • Stay in touch after the interview: Let the candidate know when you'll be following up and stay in regular contact until you have made your final decision on who to hire.

It's vitally important your company make a good impression even if you do not end up hiring the candidate. Job seekers will be much more motivated to apply to a job with your organization again if they remember the interview gave them a positive vibe – and this can streamline the application process.  Candidates who leave with a favorable impression of your organization are also more likely to refer others and there won't be “bad blood” that could hurt your brand's reputation as an employer.

Of course, it is easier to make a lasting impression with a candidate if the person who interviews for the job has talent, skills and abilities you respect and are in-demand within your industry. Eastridge Workforce Solutions can help your company find candidates who you can impress with the benefits of working for your company and who will impress you in return. Give us a call today to find out more about how we can help you find passionate and committed workers ready to come on board.


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