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How to Clean Up Your Online Presence

Eastridge Blog posted by Angela Ma on

You’ve decided to start your job search. Along with common actionable items like brushing up on your interview skills and revising your resume, one of the more important and often forgotten measures is curating your online presence.

Cleaning up your online presence is not only relevant to job-seekers, but also to working professionals. If you want to be eligible for a promotion or be regarded as employable when looking for future opportunities, the following advice pertains to you as well.

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How to Curate Your Online Presence

In today’s technology-driven society, it is standard for employers to search your online presence as part of their background check. This includes looking up your Facebook profile, Twitter updates, and LinkedIn presence.

As employers do not want to hire anyone whose credibility is questionable, it is important that you follow these four steps to curate your online presence:

  1. Regulate Your Posts

    Social media is a medium that encourages people to create, share, and exchange information. However, it is important to remind yourself to think twice before you post your next personal update.

    What you post online becomes public information, so be strategic about how your branding may fit with your dream employers. Review your social profiles and filter out any posts or photos that may discredit your character.

  2. Increase Engagement

    Active engagement is key for a successful online persona. Whether you share content that interests you or participate in conversations over a recent topic, your engagement directly impacts your social presence.

    LinkedIn is the perfect social media channel to post links to relevant articles and connect with other industry professionals. However, before you start actively engaging, be sure to clean up your online profiles and list any professional skills and educational achievements.

  3. Enhance Privacy Settings

    Before sharing your next post or photo, enhance your privacy settings for your personal social media accounts. Setting your accounts to the highest possible privacy settings will help prevent you from looking unemployable when seeking new opportunities.

    Don’t let your privacy settings fool you to believe that you are completely safe to post anything. Take precautionary measures like removing connections with people in your networks that you do not trust or know to keep your public profile as private as possible.

  4. Monitor Your Presence

    Your efforts to regulate posts and enhance privacy settings are great offensive ways to help curate your online presence. However, what you can’t control is what others may post about you.

    It is important to keep track of what comes up when people try to search for you online. Google Alerts is a great tool to utilize to monitor the web and receive notifications on how your name is showing up in searches.

Your Online Presence Matters

Your online presence has a significant impact. No matter the effort you put into perfecting your resume and answering mock interview questions, an old Facebook post that dates back 5 years can be all it takes to lose your chances in securing the job.

Prioritize these steps to take control of your online presence and start building a positive, professional identity today.


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