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Coach Your Team – Essential Traits Every Manager Needs

Eastridge Blog posted by Molly Delattre on

Essential Traits Every Manager Needs

Managers are expected to play many different roles. You need to be able to keep your staff motivated, provide them with direction and inspire them to outperform your expectations. Being a manager is hard work, but helping your company succeed by inspiring your team can be very rewarding.

Every manager has their own style. It’s important that you cultivate your own style of motivation and lead in a manner that feels natural. However, there are some specific traits every manager should have in order to encourage the success of their team. Essential traits for managers include:

  1. Strong organizational skills:

    Juggling multiple tasks as a manager without letting anything fall through the cracks requires diligent organization. Good organizational skills can keep you, and everyone else, on track to outperform even your own expectations.

  2. Effective communication skills:

    Managers have to communicate effectively with staff members so they understand their tasks and priorities. One way managers can keep employees motivated is with praise. This can help improve staff performance with constructive feedback.

  3. High emotional intelligence:

    It’s important for employers to know how to read people and make genuine connections. This will help you find the best suited individuals for the position and your company. High levels of emotional intelligence can also allow managers to keep workers happy so there is reduced turnover.

  4. Attention to detail:

    Managers have a lot on their plates, so paying attention to both the big picture and the little details will ensure that tasks are done correctly. By setting the example for your staff, they too will keep track of their projects and the necessary details.

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