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Eastridge Workforce Solutions held its second annual conference on December 5, 2015 in San Diego, CA.

Eastridge Workforce Solutions held its annual conference on Saturday, December 5th at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California. Nearly 300 employees from branches all over the U.S. gathered together to celebrate the successes of the company and to learn about next steps going forward into the new year.

The past year was a long road of success for the company. Starting from its rebrand in January 2015, the company launched several initiatives to adapt to current workforce trends. Some of these workforce trends include the fierce competition for talent, empowered job seekers, and growing needs for innovative technology in workforce processes. The conference was the first for the company under its united brand, Eastridge Workforce Solutions.

Eastridge Workforce Solutions' Employees At Eastridge Next
Eastridge Workforce Solutions’ employees gathered together in San Diego for the company’s annual conference.

Eastridge's 2nd Annual Conference

The conference kicked off with a warm welcome from Adam Svet, President of Workforce Management, who highlighted record-breaking accomplishments of 2015 and set future goals for the upcoming year. Jason Svet, President of Workforce Technology, went on to mention the many ways Eastridge is continuing to innovate, primarily through its home-grown workforce technology platform, Eastridge Cloud.

Seth Stein, President of Workforce Recruitment, applauded Robert Svet, Founder and CEO of Eastridge, reminding all those in attendance that Robert developed a company through his heart and commended him for creating a company that truly lives by its core values.

From opening a new branch in Dallas to launching a new Scientific Division, Eastridge took on 2015 with full force despite the challenges that came naturally from rebranding after over 40 years in the industry. 2015’s success brought forth immense confidence for the upcoming new year. One of the many exciting opportunities to come for the company is its partnership with the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Eastridge Workforce Solutions chose the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) as its charitable partner for 2016. Eric McElvenney, an ambassador for CAF, gave a touching speech about how the foundation personally helped him overcome his hardest obstacles and how Eastridge’s $25,000 donation will be used to help the lives of individuals with disabilities through their love for sports. Employees were enlightened with the purpose of the foundation and were excited to learn that the upcoming year will be full of volunteer opportunities for events such as CAF’s San Diego Triathlon Challenge.

Eric McElvenney-Speaking About Challenged Athletes Foundation
Eric McElvenney, CAF ambassador, spoke about the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

The day continued with separate breakout sessions for each branch of the company: sales, recruitment, and workforce services. Sessions were interactive, teaching new skills and reviewing areas for improvement. Employees were able to learn new ways to do business and joined together to recognize the successes of fellow colleagues.

From the decorations to the informative breakout sessions, the conference was nothing short of spectacular. Nonetheless, all the employees who were in attendance were excited for one particular reason—the chance to win a Tesla. Over the year, one of the ways Eastridge invested in increasing employee engagement was through its incentive program that honors those who collaborate internally.

Employees who collaborated across divisions were entered into a raffle to win either the grand prize of a Tesla or the first prize of $25,000. The lavish prizes were not only made possible by the CEO himself, but also, and more importantly, through the hard work delivered everyday by Eastridge employees.

Nearing the end of the conference, all those in attendance gathered outside of the Grand Hyatt for the moment everyone was waiting for—the drawing of the two winners. As CEO Robert Svet spun the raffle drum to pick the two winning tickets out of a pile of 500, the anticipation among the crowd continued to grow.

As nearly 300 employees eagerly waited to hear the names of the two lucky employees, the winner of the $25,000 was quickly announced. Jumping up and down at the sound of his name being called as the winner of the first place prize, Abraham Penuelas matched the excitement in the crowd. Emotions grew as the second ticket was read to announce the grand prize winner.

Winner of the 25000 Dollars
The winner of the $25,000 dollars is Abraham Penuelas, Manager of Technical Search for the Manufacturing & Distribution Division.

The winner of the brand new Tesla Model S—Amber Alejos, Operations Supervisor of the Administrative Division in Eastridge’s Anaheim office. As the grand prize winner, Amber was not just handed the keys to any base model, but she will have the freedom to customize the Tesla to her liking. “Wow, I’m in shock! Out of 500 tickets and 76 participants, my name was drawn at random. It’s unreal and a fantastic way to end our annual conference,” said Alejos, “This was the cherry on top as working for Eastridge Workforce Solutions is already a blessing and my true calling in life.”

Amber Alejos in Her New Tesla
The grand prize winner of the new Tesla Model S, Amber Alejos, is beaming from ear to ear about winning her new car.

Eastridge Next

Eastridge Next, Eastridge Workforce Solutions’ second annual conference was inspirational and full of emotions. Although a 43-year-old company, Eastridge shows no signs of slowing down as it continues to innovate to stay ahead in its industry. Celebrations of recent successes, discussions of future goals, raffles for incredible prizes, and a donation to an exceptional foundation made up a conference that Eastridge employees will forever remember. Employees who were in attendance were undoubtedly compelled to the company’s vision moving forward into the new year and left with a greater sense of unity to not only the company but its purpose to provide opportunity and enrichment through work.


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