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Are Your Employees Miserable?

Eastridge Blog posted by Molly Delattre on

Are your Employees Miserable?

Your company will succeed only if you have dedicated staff members who add value to your organization. Is your company making the most out of your human resources? If not, you could be hurting your company’s bottom line in a major way.

Learn to recognize the signs of an unhappy employee and how to take prompt action to solve the problem. The following tips can help you determine if your employees are unhappy so you can make changes to improve morale:

Pay attention to turnover.

If you find you cannot keep staff members for more than a few weeks or a few months, that’s a big red flag. Happy employees won’t typically leave a company in droves, but unhappy employees will flee and cost your organization big time. If your employees are constantly leaving due to their work environment, you will spend a fortune on retraining new workers who come on board. It’s easier to fix the issues causing staff to abandon your business.

Conduct exit interviews.

You won’t know for sure what the problem is with your company unless someone tells you. Some workers aren’t willing to be candid about their problems with the company due to fear of retaliation. Try seeking out the opinions of your outgoing workers. They may be more transparent in explaining the issues surrounding unhappy employees.

Watch employee interactions.

Employees tend to be happier if they have friends or at least acquaintances at the office. Even if they cannot make friends on the job, people still want to be treated with respect by their bosses and peers. If employees are not getting recognition for their abilities, or if they are being treated in disrespectful ways, this must be stopped recognized and mitigated.

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