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Why You Should Never Use The Same Cover Letter For Every Job Application

Eastridge Blog posted by Cynthia Contreras on

Always Customize Your Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter takes time and energy, so once you have the perfect letter composed, it's tempting to send that correspondence out to every company you are applying for. Unfortunately, if you are mailing off the same cover letter over and over, you could be hurting your job search instead of helping it. 

Why is using the same cover letter for all applications such a bad idea? Consider these three reasons you should stay away from the photocopier and create a brand-new letter for each job you apply to:

  • You could make errors. When you have a generic cover letter, you might accidentally include the wrong job title or the wrong company name on the letter. This would effectively cut off your ability to apply for a job at the company whose name you didn't properly include on your correspondence. If you have a typo anywhere in your cover letter that you don't catch, you'll also be sending this error-filled document off to every potential employer you are trying to inspire to contact you. 
  • Employers recognize generic cover letters. Most hiring managers know within seconds of looking at your letter whether you've customized the letter or just printed off yet another copy of your generic writing. Managers aren't typically impressed by someone who is sending off a generic letter to potentially hundreds of companies, and they may not give your application the consideration they would have if you'd written a better letter.
  • Generic cover letters deprive you of the chance to show off your skills. You want your cover letter to immediately show the hiring manager you have the desired skills so you can capture their attention immediately. If the manager must read a long way down to determine who you are and why you'd be the right person to hire, they may stop reading before they get to the relevant info.

Staffing professionals at Eastridge Workforce Solutions can help you to craft a great cover letter and can get that letter in front of the right companies who will be impressed by your correspondence and who will hopefully move you on to the next phase of the hiring process.

To find out more about the assistance our staffing service can offer in your job search, give us a call today.


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