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4 Ways to Bring Out the Best in Your Team

Eastridge Blog posted by Angela Ma on

There are many factors that go into an organization’s success—one of them being effective leadership. Effective leadership builds a pathway for better teamwork, improved processes, and overall higher organizational performance.

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How to Bring Out the Best in Your Team

Great leaders exude the company’s values and don’t depend on their own capabilities, but bring out the intelligence of their team members. Here are 4 ways you can ensure you are bringing out the best in your team:

  1. Listen Fully

    78% of employees said being recognized motivates them in their job.

    Being attentive to what your team members have to say will allow you to gain a better understanding of each team member’s interests, motivations, and aspirations.

    Whether it’s a flexible schedule, career advancement, or praise, knowing what drives them will allow you to provide rewards and recognition that will pay off in both work ethic and workplace happiness.

  2. Communicate Regularly

    98% of employees will fail to be engaged when managers give little or no feedback.

    Providing honest feedback on a regular basis will help your employees be aware of what they’re good at and what needs improvement.

    It is important to remind employees that their work makes an impact on the organization, as it helps drive the company forward and helps achieve its overall mission.

  3. Develop Their Strengths

    It is 30x more likely to make workers actively engaged at work when managers focus on employee’s strengths.

    Identifying and developing the strengths of your individual team members is crucial to day-to-day management.

    Provide employees with opportunities to use their strengths by delegating tasks according to their skillsets and interests. To further develop their strengths, set goals that will motivate them to build on their strengths.

  4. Show Support

    88% of employees don’t have passion for their work.

    Support your team members by providing them with the resources they need to move ahead in their career or creative processes.

    Giving your team permission to speak, think, and act within reason creates a safe work environment where they will be able to grow and learn from any mistakes that are made along the way.

Leadership Matters

Leaders who listen fully, communicate regularly, develop strengths, and show support help boost employee engagement and improve company performance.

Whether you’re scheduling the next team meeting or delegating weekly tasks, implementing these methods into your routine will help your team reach their fullest potential.


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