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Enterprise software can be easy to use, too.

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A bit about us and our stack

We're the team that built Eastridge Cloud, the industry's most intuitive workforce management system.

Our stack is split into microservices communicating through a RESTful architecture.

Best of all: we actually care about code quality and documentation.

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A bit about our product

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We’re a company that recognizes you’re more than just a resume. When hiring new employees to join the Eastridge family, we look for five key traits that we call the Eastridge DNA:


No excuses, no ego
Never place blame
Be accountable


Run, don’t walk
Manage your time
Never sacrifice quality


Overcome obstacles
Learn from failure
Bounce back

Work Ethic

Give it all you have


Be coachable
Always strive for better

From planning for the future to group health and fitness, we provide our internal employees a rich offering of incentives and benefits for the individual needs of our employees:

Planning for the Future

With our 401(k) plan, Roth IRA, and Flexible Spending Account offerings, employees can invest some of their income on a pre-tax basis for retirement and/or save for future expenses. Eastridge also has an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) which is a tax-qualified retirement benefit plan.

Rewards & Recognition

Our incentive program is designed for company-wide participation, giving all employees a chance to win prizes ranging up to $100,000.00 cash. This program, in addition to our Values Recognition Awards, rewards employees for exemplifying our core values.

Learning & Development

We invest in the future of our employees and support them in their continuing education. Our tuition reimbursement program supports employee development and provides opportunities for career growth.

Health & Wellness

Wellness means more than just group health benefits. We provide a one-of-a-kind fitness benefit through our gym subsidy with Starting Strength - a training method that is simple, structured, and safe. Learn about our health training method at Starting Strength.

Mentorship Program

To guide our next generation of professionals, we pair people starting out in their career with star performers. By partnering you with a mentor most aligned with your career goals, you will receive meaningful, first-hand guidance and career pathing.

Pet Insurance

97% of physicians believe there are mental and physical health benefits to having a pet. In order to keep our employees happy and their pets healthy we offer pet insurance to ensure your fluffy friends are taken care of.

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