Absenteeism Disrupting Business? Engage a Ready-to-Deploy Workforce Strategy

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Between absenteeism, resignations, and increased competition in the hiring market, it’s never been more challenging for companies to hire and retain employees. A record 8.8 million people missed work due to COVID-19 in early January of this year alone.

Why is it so difficult to hire employees right now?
The current hiring market is more competitive than ever due to three key factors:

Absenteeism is at an all-time high. Due to COVID-19 and the Great Resignation, more than 12 million people are absent from work–and those numbers are likely to increase.

The Great Resignation, as some are calling it, is driving more employees to leave their jobs–sometimes temporarily, sometimes permanently.

Companies are ramping up hiring in an effort to return to pre-pandemic levels of operation, even as absenteeism increases. 

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Need to supplement your available workforce?

Find the right solution to achieve immediate results

Working with a staffing partner who has a pipeline of qualified and ready-to-work candidates is one way companies can maintain business operations as absences surge.

Whether you’re struggling to keep adequate headcount or ramping up hiring to meet increasing demand, Eastridge has proven recruiting strategies that have delivered results in this market.


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