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In our current climate, new challenges have arisen with regards to workplace structure.

To protect our communities among the spread of COVID-19, companies are focusing on developing a remote workforce versus traditional office setup. Eastridge is here to help and share the lessons we have learned from helping some of our top clients transition to remote hiring and onboarding.

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This eBook will walk you through how we helped our clients:

  • Reach and maintain a 94% retention rate
    • Fill over 400 positions in 2 months
      • Create consistent training across multiple states
      • Develop position based assessments

Plus, you will learn more about Eastridge’s recruitment offering and how we can easily create a remote workforce pipeline specific to your industry.


Now more than ever, companies are needing to fill roles with remote workers for their safety and the safety of our community. Stay away from common mistakes, and make the right moves to find the best talent. Trust a proven partner to find success today and in the future.

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