The Eastridge 1099 Compliance Portal automates the 1099 evaluation process and provides your managers with real time status updates of all their evaluations.

1099 compliance portal

1099 Compliance Portal

Our user friendly, proprietary web portal allows client contacts to track the progress of evaluations at any time in addition to viewing the complete audit file for past evaluations with supporting documentation.

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Technical Support

Our 1099 Compliance portal is supported by the unsurpassed service of our legal and customer service teams, both of which have a proactive approach in reaching out to contractors and managers to ensure the process is continually moving forward.

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Web Portal Features

  • Encrypted web portal covering all aspects of the 1099 lifecycle
  • Ability to create projects & view existing contractors
  • Reporting on hiring managers' projects & status
  • Ability to capture required documentation with drag & drop feature